CyberTrak Personal Vehicle Applications

  CyberTrak provides a level of protection and peace of mind far exceeding anything offered by conventional   vehicle security systems. A CyberTrak protected vehicle can be tracked and located 24 hours a day/7 days a   week in the event the vehicle is moved without permission*. Using a computer, telephone, or cellular
  phone, the vehicle's owner can retrieve location information and interact with the vehicle from anywhere in   the world.

  CyberTrak is equipped with two optional user-controlled outputs that can be used for such features as door   lock, door unlock (saves a call to a locksmith if the keys are accidentally locked inside), remote start, starter   disable, or other vehicle functions.

  Parents of teenage drivers can rest a bit easier after installing CyberTrak on their child's vehicle. Monitoring   the teen's driving habits becomes an easier task by accessing CyberTrak's fastest speed of the day feature   that automatically records the highest speed attained by the vehicle within a given 24 hour period. Of   course the ability to access the vehicle's location at any time is also a key feature for keeping tabs on young   drivers. With a CyberTrak installed there is no more need to take away the keys for discipline; now parents   can restrict driving privilege at any time by simply immobilizing the vehicle. Whether the car is in the   driveway or at the forbidden party across town, parents have total control to lock out the starter and keep   the vehicle from moving any further.

  CyberTrak is a wise investment for every new car owner that wants the peace of mind that comes from   knowing their vehicle is being watched over at all times. Those who remember that parking attendant   joyride sequence from Ferris Bueller's Day Off need not worry. Just set CyberTrak's optional geo-fence   feature and hand over the keys to the valet. CyberTrak will automatically alert the owner in the event the   vehicle is moved outside of a half-mile radius without consent.

  In the event the unthinkable happens and the vehicle is actually stolen, CyberTrak automatically tracks the   vehicle to within 100 feet and continually updates location information, storing it until recalled by the   owner. CyberTrak is also equipped with a back-up power supply that can actively transmit its location for up   to 15 hours- even if the thief disconnects the vehicle's battery.

  CyberTrak- peace of mind from the “Ultimate Eye in the Sky!”

     *CyberTrak requires cellular coverage available in the area in order retrieve tracking information from the vehicle.