CyberTrak Fleet Applications

  Managing and maintaining a fleet of vehicles presents its own special challenges that until now, were   tedious, time-consuming necessities of any service based company. With those needs in mind, CyberTrak   offers several key features to make fleet management a much easier task. And, to further enhance its value   to fleet customers, CyberTrak units may be tailored to suit specific company needs with custom reporting   features and more.

  With CyberTrak's GPS tracking, dispatchers can instantly tell if their driver is on the job or at the donut   shop, substantially increasing scheduling accuracy and productivity. And, with the available custom reporting   options, CyberTrak can update the locations of company vehicles on a pre-programmed basis, or even send   delivery alerts that provide a report an after the vehicle has stopped moving for a pre-determined period of   time.

  Keeping insurance premiums down is very important to fleet operators and nothing causes a spike in rates   more than bad drivers. To help combat this problem, CyberTrak's speed monitoring options easily identify   risky drivers so that potential liability issues can be minimized before a serious incident occurs. To further   enhance safety and productivity, custom stationary boundary areas can be created to report the crossing of   a pre-determined restricted area border. This optional feature can allow normal operation within a safe zone   but automatically generate an alert if a safe zone is exited or a forbidden area is entered.

  With optional programming to provide automatic geo-fencing at preset times, CyberTrak can help keep   employees from using company vehicles to perform side work. After work hours are over, the geo-fence   feature automatically activates until the next work day, providing instant reports if vehicles are moved   beyond the half-mile boundary. This feature is perfect for service companies that allow employees to take   work vehicles home at the end of their shifts or on weekends

  Keeping track of service issues becomes a much easier job with a CyberTrak unit installed. Gone are the days   of going out to the yard to find a particular vehicle (if it is even in the yard) just to record the mileage.   Instead, CyberTrak acts as a service aide by monitoring many items like vehicle mileage or hours in use for   heavy equipment, and allows this information to be easily recalled without ever leaving the desk.

  CyberTrak is as an excellent tool for fleets, both small and large. Whether you operate a service fleet or   rental fleet, be it cars, trucks, boats, or RVs, CyberTrak has a fleet business solution for you!