CyberTrak Features and Services

   A telephone or Internet connection provides instant access to your vehicle and interactive features 24   hours a day, 7 days a week. CyberTrak's website provides point-and-click navigation making it extremely   simple to use. For those on the go, telephone access provides vehicle location information as well as full   control of interactive vehicle services such as Geo-fencing, starter enable/disable, etc.

  CyberTrak Features:

    - Locate the vehicle, view direction of travel, and approximate speed all in real time.*
    - Recall the fastest speed traveled during the day.
    - CyberTrak's Geo fence feature creates a 1/2 mile perimeter that surrounds the vehicle when set. If the       vehicle is moved outside of this area, an alert message will automatically notify the subscriber via email,       text message or telephone.
    - Disable (and re-enable) the vehicle's starter at any time to prevent vehicle theft.
    - Unlock the vehicle's doors remotely in case the keys become locked inside.
    - Review all user commands sent within the past three months, including locate requests, fastest speed       data, and interactive services (starter disable, etc.).
    - Tow Alert feature automatically sends an alert if the vehicle is moved more than one mile without the       ignition on.
    - Battery disconnect feature automatically sends an alert in the event the vehicle's battery is disconnected
    - An unlimited number of vehicles can be monitored and controlled from a
      single account (requires a CyberTrak subscription for each vehicle).
    - CyberTrak module is very small (less than 4"x2"x1") making it easy to install and conceal.
    - May qualify for insurance discounts (See your insurance provider for details).

    *Vehicle location information includes current address, vehicle speed, and direction of travel. Even zoom in on the
    map to see vehicle location in relation to the surrounding geographic area.