CyberTrak Construction Vehicle Applications

  We know what you're thinking, why does construction equipment have a need for CyberTrak, after all who   steals a 20-ton excavator? Well, think again! The theft of commercial construction equipment is a growing   problem and you never know who else is keeping an eye on your jobsite. Besides the need to keep your   multi-million dollar hardware from disappearing across the border, the prevention of joyriding and   maintenance/service schedule monitoring are also key reasons to equip your assets with a CyberTrak HEU   (Heavy Equipment Unit).

  Heavy equipment companies can ill afford to have down time, so service mechanics are always monitoring   these big machines. But sending maintenance crews out to each jobsite just to check the hours on   equipment is expensive and unnecessary with a CyberTrak installed. CyberTrak's custom reporting options   allow operational hours to be easily monitored and logged without ever leaving the office, making   maintenance scheduling much more convenient.

  Managing many pieces of equipment spread over several jobsites is a daunting task, and CyberTrak is ready   to help. State-of-the-art GPS tracking allows a CyberTrak outfitted company to immediately know what   equipment is on which job site, increasing efficiency. And, with custom reporting options, it is easy to see   which units are currently in operation and which are offline.

  Joyriding is a particularly scary risk when you consider the amount of damage a 500,000-pound dump truck   could do if it got off the jobsite. With the optional stationary boundary feature, CyberTrak will provide   immediate notification if a piece of equipment leaves the construction area. As an extra measure of security,   CyberTrak's immobilization feature safely keeps the equipment in place when the day is done, or allows the   equipment to be shut down at will on 24/hr jobsites. With CyberTrak installed, joyriders can be located and   stopped before they make the 6 o'clock news in your new dozer!

  Construction applications for CyberTrak don't end with heavy equipment. Just about anything with it's own   power source can be monitored, tracked, or mapped, including power generators, lighting towers, and other   jobsite paraphernalia.

  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, CyberTrak watches over your key assets and keeps you informed so you can   keep your focus on getting the job done!


  Download: Heavy Equipment Manual.pdf