CyberTrak Car Dealer and Rental Agency Applications

  All car dealers have at least one unfortunate problem in common- deadbeat customers! In spite of all the   review work done by finance departments, it seems there are always a few customers that fail to make the   required payments. Well, CyberTrak can help eliminate those special finance nightmares and keep proper   payments on track.

  Installing a CyberTrak unit into every special finance customer's vehicle acts as its own insurance policy. With   the ability to immobilize the vehicle, dealers can leverage past due payments. It's amazing how fast checks   that were lost in the mail get found and forgotten payments get remembered when the customer's car   becomes immobilized at the store, office, or even in their own garage.. And, in those really unfortunate   cases where the customer never had any intentions of making payments, the vehicle can be recovered using   CyberTrak's 24/7 GPS tracking abilities.

  Vehicle rental agencies can also benefit greatly by adding CyberTrak to their rental fleets. CyberTrak's   stationary boundary feature provides instant notification in case the vehicle enters or exits a pre-determined   restricted driving area such as a state line or the U.S. border. The geo-fence feature can also cut   unauthorized vehicle use and help limit liability as well. By allowing free movement of the vehicle around the   rental lot, employees are able to clean, fuel, and otherwise prepare a vehicle for rental. Yet once the vehicle   has traveled beyond the geo-fence limited area, an alert is instantly sent so the vehicle may be tracked if   necessary.

  Of course unforeseen operating expenses can cost the bottom line substantially, and for that reason   CyberTrak includes features to aid in case of unexpected events. The convenience of CyberTrak's door unlock   service is a big benefit for rental customers. Instead of dispatching a locksmith, simply activate the unlock   output via PC or telephone without even having to leave the desk. Also helpful is CyberTrak's new automatic   tow notification. This feature instantly alerts the rental agency and makes retrieving a vehicle easier in the   event a customer was caught parking illegally or performed a bonehead maneuver that ended in the towing   of the vehicle.

  With CyberTrak's asset tracking abilities at work for your business, risks are minimized to help keep operating   costs down. So get CyberTrak and stay in-touch, because you never know when a customer's misfortune is   about to become your own.