Employing a constellation of GPS satellites with 24/7 supervision, CyberTrak delivers real-world protection for your peace of mind.

Offering enhanced safety, efficiency, and productivity; CyberTrak is one of the most effective fleet management tools available today.

  The product of a well-balanced marriage between   state-of-the-art technology and real-world   application, the CyberTrak GPS-based vehicle   monitoring system offers an impressive array of
  features combined with interactive functionality.

  Real-time GPS tracking and interactive user   functions are directly accessible 24 hours a day/7   days a week through any PC or telephone. These
  features combined with CyberTrak's specialized   reporting functions have enabled a broad array
  of applications, creating a truly interactive vehicle
  monitoring and control system. With a CyberTrak   system installed, out of sight no longer means
  out of touch.

Whether your business is selling cars or renting them, CyberTrak provides an excellent tool to protect your interests.

With so much valuable equipment at risk, cover your assets with CyberTrak.